Monday, June 8, 2015

Dear Readers

Dear Readers of this Blog,

I've been posting for 5 months now, 64 posts in all. Some dozens of you seem to be reading them--I  can't tell for sure--and I'm grateful for your interest. I hope you find the posts worthwhile. So now I want to take stock for a moment.

My goal in writing has been to increase interest and awareness in the climate crisis, in the political responses to it, and especially in the steps leading up to the UN's climate conference (COP21) in Paris this December. To achieve my goal for the blog, I feel at this point that 2 things need to happen, both with your help:

1) I would like to broaden my readership. You can help by sending the to 1 or several people you think would enjoy reading it.

2) More importantly, I would like to see this blog become the site of active discussion because that degree of heightened engagement is sorely missing right now from our public sphere, as the US and other governments prepare their negotiating positions for Paris. Passive awareness of the climate issue is better than ignorance or indifference, but it's not enough. We all need to deepen and share our knowledge and points-of-view about this immensely complicated and urgent issue. Dialog, whether on this blog or elsewhere, is a good way to ratchet up our concern.

So I'm asking you to become an active reader by using the comment function to add your thoughts to mine. Just click on the "no comments" link at the bottom of each post for a comment box to appear. (Or maybe it will say "comments (1)" or (2) or (10) in which case you may be joining an ongoing conversation.)

You'll be able to read more of my thoughts as this blog proceeds. I look forward to reading yours.

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