Tuesday, November 24, 2015

People's Climate March, 2015--Be There!

What? People's Climate Marches

Where? All over the world, but not so much in the US

When? Sunday November 29th

Why? Given the prohibition on staging demonstrations or any other public mass expressions of support for stringent climate agreement in Paris, these marches are the main way the world's peoples can tell their leaders and representatives how much they want this agreement--and not just any agreement, but a serious, binding commitment to aim, not for a dangerous 2 degrees C temperature rise, but 1.5 C. That means much faster conversion to renewables, and Green Climate funding to make it happen. That means carbon pricing to reflect the huge cost of carbon pollution, and concerted efforts to make sure fossil fuel reserves stay in the ground. It means a whole new chapter in the human occupation of the planet.

In Boston? The march starts at 11 am in Harvard Square, and will proceed to Boston Common. The US needs to develop a better attitude on this issue, and a much more urgent approach. The New York march last year was a start. Sunday's march will keep the momentum going.

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