Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Heat is On

Heat Week began today in Cambridge as activists convened by gather to demand that Harvard University join the movement to divest its vast endowment funds from fossil fuel corporations. Though I was in transit and had to miss the kick-off festivities, I'll be in Harvard Yard tomorrow for Alumni Day, and all week as religious leaders, student leaders, and climate scientists hold demonstrations, teach-ins and vigils to bring Harvard over to the divestment side. Given the size of the endowment, the prestige of the University, and the timing--clearly public awareness of the issue is building as we head toward the decisive meeting in Paris later this year--this week-long rally and protest should mark a bold step forward for the Climate Change movement. Stay tuned to this space as I report on the events--or better yet if you're in the neighborhood tomorrow, join in: 9am, Harvard Yard.

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