Monday, April 20, 2015

How Green is Green?

Who's that lady all dressed in green? Is this the next President of the United States, who will preside over the implementation of Paris Climate Conference agreements to reduce greenhouse gas for good? Or is she the accomodationist Secretary of State whose cozy relationship with fossil fuel corporations and sovereign state producers will carry over into the White House? It's a complicated story for sure, but this article in today's Guardian offers some useful background in sorting out the Candidate's probable stance. A good sign: her leading advisor, John Podesta, has already made gestures to put the climate issue high on her agenda. A sure bet: she will be preferable on this issue to whichever of the climate change-denying, anti-science Republicans runs against her--but at this late stage in the gathering climate crisis, is being more sensible than Ted Cruz or Rand Paul good enough?

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